お诞生日おめでとうございます by  骨灰云

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I really like watching MMVs, so I decided to make some gifs from my favourite pieces. This one is from AyuuCake - you can find this video there.
Hope that this isn’t bothering anyone.

Yamori ordered me to count out loud backward by sevens from one thousand.
This instruction, which I didn't understand at first,
is something I now realize was to keep me as sane as possible. I was clinging to these numbers. Meanwhile, Yamori took my hands and feet...
again and again, and AGAIN. And now...IT'S MY TURN


happy (late) birthday break………….. and early candy holiday halloween. enjoy never having sweettootchaches in the afterlife


Volume 21 was more about Duke Barma. The twist is pretty sweet but even better was the other part of the story which featured this trio.

This extra chapter was pretty cute. Plus the omake where Oz asks if Gil is a pervert was hilarious (Thanks, Break).


// I am well aware. Yes.

It’s mine you can’t have it


Please...!! He....He needs you more than anyone right now...