aaahhh that ada/vincent fanart is so pretty, their expressions are perfect and i really love the way you use contrasting colors for highlights! i thought of that same scenario when i read the chapter, and it makes me so happy that someone drew it! and is she wearing the capelet thing from his default outfit? because if so that's too adorable!!


haha thank you! great minds think alike <3 yeah she’s wearing his capelet, it’s a bit too big on her…

vincent……. u tried




I did this long ago, but had to redone it since Ada cut her hair. 

that retrace sure gave me a lot of feels ; u ;)


[ I was barely awake when I did this and I was still looking for some pictures, but here’s one of Red and Elliot at the moment! ( I was trying to find a pic with her face being shown but I’m still editing some >.< ) ]

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Elliot: “I’ll take the mushroom-creme-soup, pork with potatoes, a little tomato salad and Darjeeling to drink.” He closed the menue before adding: “And for dessert…I take you~”

Sorry, she looks like a maid^^


Back then we were all bathed in sunlight


I opened Pandora’s Box, see,

And even hope was taken away from me.


pandora hearts / SAI